Alarith Uhde

A diagram with five dots, circles, and
              arrows. The dots are abstract representations of people
              interacting with technology. They are surrounded by circles that
              represent that the interactions have an effect on their
              environment. Arrows represent who pays attention to whom. The
              diagram tries to convey that social situations are dynamic and
              people's interactions need to be understood in reciprocal

User Experiences in Social Situations

How does the presence of other people influence user experiences?

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A drawing of a man preparing coffee with a Bialetti coffee
              maker. The picture represents the psychological need of security,
              which relates to positive daily routines such as coffee making in
              the morning.

Design for Well-Being and Experience Design

How can we build technologies that make people happy?

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              drawing of a nurse on the left who is satisfied with her shift
              plan on the right. The shift plan indicates that she can play
              tennis on monday with her club, that she works on wednesday, and
              she can go to the gym on friday.

Nurse-Centered Shift Planning

A shift planning approach focused on nurses' well-being and fairness.

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